date: december 2018 
size: 18 x 24 
materials: micron pen and acrylic paint
This was a personal project that was created as a way to connect to my Japanese heritage. Because I am half, often I feel as though I’m losing part of my Japanese identity as the years pass. The patterning and the clouds are reminiscent of older style Japanese work, and at the bottom corner I’ve signed the work with my mother’s maiden name as to better connect with my heritage because my last name of Steward is clearly American. 
date: august 2017 
size: 18 x 24 
materials: graphite on paper 
date: november 2017 
size: 16 x 12 
materials: graphite pencils 
date: march 2018 
size: 16 x 12 
materials: ink and quill

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