all adobe illustrator
date: december 2018 
created as a title card for a friend's short film
suchita kumar logo 
date: april 2019 
a logo i made for a friend to be projected while models walked down the runway with clothes made by her for the UCLA FAST fashion show. FAST is a completely student run fashion club at UCLA that hosts a fashion show every year showcasing the designs and works of those in the club. 
los angeles mural 
date: march 2019
this mural was created for a lounge room in a dorm at ucla known as rieber hall. currently, it is still being reviewed as to whether or not this design can be implemented. 
on white architecture
date: january 2019
in an architectural theory class, i was introduced to adolf loos’s theory about modernity and anonymity. in this piece, i’m critiquing his concept of the well made suit because the idea of everyone looking the same on the outside and maintaining personality on the inside was a clearly eurocentric concept. particularly with my biracial identity, i will never be able to be anonymous on the exterior in the u.s. or japan. I will look too asian for the US and too white for japan. to poke fun at his theory, i have made a similar house to villa mueller, but i’ve added red accents (mirroring the japanese flag) and my japanese middle name, sumiko, to signify my inability to be “anonymous” and consequently “modern”. the font of the white is also to critique the distorted perspective of white theorists, and the cartoon aesthetic was a distinct choice because i know adolf loos would hate it. 

half time sticker 
date: february 2019 
i co-host a radio show with my friend zach that airs every thursday(PST) called half time. our name comes from the fact that we are both half asian as well as the fact that our show is supposed to represent a "break", much like a half time, to listen to funny news that has happened throughout the week. 
miscellaneous assets 
various different designs i've made for videos/in my free time 
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